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City Council Adopts Framework to Guide Final Development of New Strategic Plan

The City Council continued discussion of a new 3–5-year strategic plan, adopting the following four high-level strategic directions:

  • Centering community accountability
  • Achieving financial stability
  • Reshaping community through smart, mindful development
  • Advancing racial equity
In 3-5 years, as a result of our efforts, we will see: We recognize that we are blocked from our vision by: Developed by the City of Burien, July 2022 Designed and facilitated by Una McAlinden, Creative Strategy Solutions & Kim Howe, CoCreative Labs Our Vision Our Obstacles Our Strategic Directions Centering Community Accountability Achieving Financial Stability Reshaping Community through Smart, Mindful Development Advancing Racial Equity Incomplete and outdated approaches to community engagement Ineffective and outdated systems Limited revenue sources, fear about affordability, honesty about what we need to fund core services Undefined and differing priorities about LOS standards Ineffective ways of hearing from our diverse community Limited public awareness of how government works and the need to partner externally in many areas Resources to meet our community's level of service needs A sustainable budget that accounts for future growth Smart, mindful development that equitably accommodates growth Informed, engaged, connected diverse community Root causes of homelessness addressed and housing in place for all Equal access to opportunity and quality of life Over the next 3-5 years, how will we work together to ensure a robust and sustainable foundation for our city operations and a vibrant quality of life for all in Burien now and into the future? We will address our obstacles and move toward our vision by focusing on:

City directors and managers will work with the planning consultants to develop a more detailed strategic plan, which will be presented to the City Council later this year.

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