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Comprehensive Plan Discussed at Shape Your City Open House

Thank you to everyone who attended the Shape Your City Open House on December 6! We appreciate hearing your ideas for the future of our city!

If you couldn’t make it, or have more to share, we have launched an online engagement activity where you can learn more and take a survey about the Comprehensive Plan. This activity will close on January 5, 2024. We encourage you to participate and share with your networks!

What’s next?

The Comprehensive Plan team will be evaluating feedback delivered through the open house and online engagement activity and present different options to the Burien 2044 Advisory Committee, Planning Commission, and City Council on the following dates:

  • First week of January 2024: Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Draft Comprehensive Plan will be published together. Public comment will be accepted for 45 days through mid-February.
  • January 24, 2024: The Burien 2044 Advisory Committee will meet one more time to discuss preferred alternative recommendations.
  • Spring 2024: Plan will be presented to the Planning Commission for discussion and review in public meetings.
  • Summer 2024: Plan will be presented to the City Council for discussion, review, and adoption in public meetings.

Community members are invited to provide public comment during these meetings. Learn more about how to attend the Planning Commission and City Council meetings.

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