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Federal Pandemic Relief Funding to Boost Vital Human Services Programs

The Burien City Council heard a presentation during their December 4, 2023 meeting on progress being made to allocate federal pandemic relief funding to support human services programs. Earlier this year, the City of Burien asked organizations to submit proposals that met goals approved by the City Council in 2022. The Human Services Commission reviewed the applications and made funding allocations following a similar process to the Human Services Fund allocation process. City staff have made progress on finalizing contracts with the selected providers.

Last year, the City Council approved $2.9 million of the federal pandemic relief funding to be designated for human services. The funding will support programs in six investment areas, listed below.

Watch the presentation at the December 4, 2023 Burien City Council meeting

The following organizations will contract with the City of Burien to deliver the following programs and services.

Gang & Youth Violence Prevention/Intervention

Homelessness Prevention/Intervention

Food Access

Mental Health & Counseling

Neighborhood Cleanliness

These funds are still under discussion in coordination with the City of Burien Economic Development and Public Works staff.

Housing Stability

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