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Initial Community Feedback on Ambaum and Boulevard Park Community Plans Discussed with the Burien City Council and Planning Commission

Staff presented an update (PDF) to both the Burien City Council and Planning Commission on the Ambaum and Boulevard Park Community Plans project summarizing feedback received to date. This feedback was gathered through interviews, public tabling events, advisory group meetings, and an online interactive map and survey.

Key themes that have emerged for the Ambaum Blvd SW corridor include:

  • Current street infrastructure is hostile to pedestrians and cyclists.
  • People love the businesses that are currently there.
  • There are wonderful community assets nearby (Chelsea Park, Seahurst Park, Salmon Creek) but they feel disconnected to Ambaum Blvd SW. There is an opportunity to better link these assets to the corridor.
  • Vacant and unused parcels should be used for community benefit (for private properties that includes housing, commercial, and mixed-use designed with pedestrians in mind)
  • Need to address potential displacement of existing communities and businesses.

Key themes that have emerged for Boulevard Park include:

  • People support the central business district, and there is much potential there.
  • There is a lack of food access.
  • More community gathering spaces and improvements of existing parks are needed.
  • There is a lack of pedestrian infrastructure in some areas.
  • There are concerns about public safety.
  • There are mixed opinions on new housing types.
  • There are stormwater and sewer infrastructure issues.

More public meetings are scheduled for later this fall.

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