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Green Burien Partnership

Green Burien Partnership 2023 Report displayed in front of a tree trunk.

Have you seen Green Burien Partnership’s 2023 Annual Report? Read the full report or access a one-page overview to see the significant progress made toward the Partnership’s goals in Burien last year.

Healthy forested parks and green spaces have the power to strengthen neighborhoods, provide safe access to nature, and provide many benefits to the environment. Without a coordinated effort to restore and care for our forests, we are at risk of losing many benefits of these forests and natural areas.

The Green Burien Partnership brings together community members and private and public agency partners to restore and care for Burien’s parks and urban forests. The Partnership’s activities include:

  • Community outreach and engagement to guide project prioritization and implementation.
  • Development of a 20-year plan for restoring forests and increasing the amount of tree canopy across the three cities.
  • Implementation of projects and volunteer programs that organize local neighbors and community groups to plant indigenous plants, remove weedy plant species, and meet restoration goals.
People planting.

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Project Contact

Gabbi Gonzales, Recreation Coordinator

Maya Klem, Green Burien Partnership Coordinator

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Background Information

Who is in the Green Burien Partnership?

The Green Burien Partnership relies on a network of individuals, organizations, staff, and volunteers. All partners are essential for the success of the project.

Other key partners have played an essential role in defining the goals of the partnership, volunteering in their community, offering their expertise, and increasing canopy cover by planting trees in their yards or patios:

  • City of Burien
  • Port of Seattle
  • Washington State Department of Natural Resources
  • King County Conversation District
  • Highline Public Schools
  • Elected officials
  • Nonprofit, faith-based, and community groups
  • Businesses
  • Youth groups and clubs
  • Landowners
  • Individuals like you

How is it funded?

The Green Burien Partnership receives funding from the City of Burien General Fund and grants.

Last Updated: April 25, 2024