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Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan Update

The Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan (PROS Plan) is a six-year strategic plan for the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department. The plan looks at the existing conditions of our facilities and programs, listen to community desires and priorities, identifies gaps in facilities and programs, proposes strategies, projects and programs to address those gaps, and finalizes those strategies and a prioritized capital improvement plan in the final PROS Plan. The 2024-2030 plan was approved on March 18, 2024.

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Background Information

For the 2024-2030 plan, we evaluated the location, quality, and barriers to accessing our current parks, recreation programs and facilities, and cultural services programming. The plan makes recommendations for improving existing facilities and services, priorities for public art, and evaluates feasibility of new parks in key neighborhoods.

Through the Shape Your City initiative, we asked neighbors to provide feedback on all parks, but with a specific focus on needs for a few key parks, including Hilltop Park, Community Center Annex and garden, Jacob Ambaum Park, Chelsea Park, Puget Sound Park, Hazel Valley Park, Southern Heights Park, Manhattan Park, Moshier Memorial Park, and Salmon Creek Park/Salmon Creek Ravine.

After more than a year of community engagement activities, your participation and valuable insight helped us build the 2024-2030 Parks Recreation and Open Space Plan, which was adopted by the Burien City Council on March 18, 2024.

What is a PROS Plan?

A PROS plan is a functional plan that develops strategies to implement the policies adopted in the Comprehensive Plan. The plan evaluates the current inventory of assets and the community’s desired level of service for future assets, then identifies gaps in the system. It also prioritizes capital project investments in the community for use in the City’s budgeting process and to make the City eligible to apply for grants to fund those priority projects.

Key Concepts
  • Park level of service: Level of service (LOS) is a term that describes the amount and quality of park and recreation facilities that are needed to serve the community at a desired and measurable standard.
  • Park Facilities:  This is a general term that refers to the types of recreational amenities in parks or recreation centers such as sport fields, sports courts, picnic areas, playgrounds, or arts classrooms.
Background Documents

Project Timeline

Fall 2022-Winter 2023

Community Visioning

Envision the future of parks, recreation, and cultural services in our community.

Spring-Summer 2023

Strategies Development

Develop and get feedback on proposed strategies to meet community needs.

Summer 2023

Draft Plan

Draft and get feedback on plan with capital project and program priorities.

Summer 2023

Advisory Board and Council Review and Approval

Draft final plan and gather community feedback.

Early 2024

Final Plan Development and Adoption

Present plan to Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, Arts Commission, and City Council for adoption by January 2024. Public comment encouraged.

Early 2024

Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office

Submit plan to Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office.

Last Updated: May 28, 2024