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Tree Regulations Update

The Burien City Council adopted new tree regulations to protect trees on private property in Burien during their October 3, 2022 meeting.

The protection of trees on private properties in Burien is important for many reasons. Studies show that trees help clean air, reduce the effects of global climate change, reduce stress, increase economic activity, increase property values, and make our community more attractive.

Take a deep dive into the proposed regulations.

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Project Contact

Joshua Petter, Urban Forest Planner

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Background Information

Project Timeline

Early 2021

Review and Analysis

Review current land use policies and tree code. Solicit community feedback.


Public Engagement and Code Development

Stakeholder engagement. Solicit ideas. Draft code.

Late 2021

Code Development

Draft land use tree code. Conduct SEPA environmental review. Planning Commission and City Council review.


Public Engagement Code Revisions

Refine and test land use tree code. Engage stakeholders and community outreach. Conduct SEPA environmental review. Planning Commission reviews code.

Late 2022


City Council adopts land use tree code. Outreach and education on new code begins.

Last Updated: October 7, 2022