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Share Your Stories and Ideas to Help Shape Your City

The City of Burien is re-imagining the long-term future of our city through a coordinated planning effort called “Shape Your City”.  In the community visioning phase of Shape Your City, you shared your priorities and helped us develop a clear vision for this work. Now, we’re coming back to you with questions that will help us take those priorities and build strategies and solutions for you to evaluate.

Results of this planning effort will guide policymaking, operational plans, and budgets for the next twenty years. It’s vital that community voice guides these important planning processes and understanding where people can live, work, play, and move around Burien is essential.

If you have any questions or general comments, please email us at

Comprehensive Plan Update

We’d like to hear your thoughts on housing, neighborhood centers, middle housing, and economic development. Navigate to our “ideas wall” to share your story, propose new strategies, and pitch your ideas for helping Burien grow in a way that is sustainable and equitable.

Transportation Master Plan Update

How would you spend Burien’s money on transportation projects?

Navigate to our transportation budget tool to vote on the criteria the City of Burien should use to evaluate transportation investments.

Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan Update

We are seeking your feedback on four parks in Burien: Chelsea Park, Hilltop Park, Jacob Ambaum Park, Salmon Creek Ravine Park, and Southern Heights Park. We also want to know your ideas for creating new parks, recreation facilities, and public art in the Boulevard Park neighborhood.

Navigate to our parks and recreation feedback map to answer five short surveys on each park and neighborhood.

Share with your neighbors: